Kail's Bio
Kail Harbick is best known for her appearance on the reality television show Big Brother 8. Kail is a successful business owner, and owns 2 established businesses on the McKenzie River in Oregon (Harbick's Country Inn, Takoda's Restaurant), but her proudest accomplishment is her family. Before entering the Big Brother 8 house Kail had done several modeling jobs including the "Hanks for Her" catalog and numerous layouts for the Register Guard newspaper.

Kail studied extensively under acting coach David Livingston and also has received comprehensive pageant training as well as judging, competing, and at one time owning and operating the "Mrs. Oregon, USA" pageant. In her free time, Kail enjoys golfing, weightlifting, crocheting, and coaching girls basketball.

She currently resides in Rainbow, Oregon with her husband of 24 years, Darin, and has three adult children.

In June of 2013, Kail published her first novel—Chasing the Crown—which is now available on amazon.com